About Ocean Translation Services

Ocean Translation Servicesis considered an affiliate of  of  Royal Tajoory Investment, and the idea of making translation services has come in response to UAE’s increasing market interest for unique multilingual content services and products. Ocean Translation Services is powered by Royal Tajoory Investment that has great experience in multidisciplinary industries. We are planning to dedicate all our services to the world class clients in order to help them in achieving the objective of their business by providing integrated package of multilingual content services, products and other related activities in various industries and fields.

Ocean Translation Serviceswill cover multilingual content and other related services such as Language Services, Conferencing Translation and Content Development. Ocean translation services has many services lines and each line will be dedicated for handling a set of related services that enables the global leaders to increase market share, achieve their business objective, successfully engage their customers in local market and enhance product adoption abilities.

Satisfaction of our clients’ needs is the main target of Ocean’s content services and that will help them to drive their decision making policies and business strategies. In Ocean Translation Services, there are professional content creators who work closely with the industry in order to deliver the most recent industry reports to our clients updated with the local environment change, needs and trends.


Ocean Translation Services is a process-centered, market-focused company established in order to enhance and deliver creative multilingual translation and content services, products, consultation and other related activities. All of our staff work in smart way to consistently generate predictable ROI, outperform competition and earnings for shareholders.


Ocean Translation Services plan to be the UAE leader in content services, products and multilingual translation in order to transform the way clients manage, distribute, gather and communicate information.


 Ocean Translation Services is planning to be premier in the field of multilingual translation and content provider within the upcoming five years. In addition, Ocean Translation Services is going to generate annual revenues in order to enhance shareholders’ ROI by making the name of this company nationally known as a leading provider of translation services, multilingual content products and other related activities. Ocean Translation Services established a vision with clear goals in order to achieve sustainable growth:

Profitability      To increase ROI to equity owners.

Environment   Create a challenging and supporting work environment where people are inspired and self motivated to be the best.

Portfolio       Develop Ocean Translation Services’ portfolio of translation, content services and other related activities that meets audience’s and clients’ needs.

Partners        Create and develeop a win-win based network of the partners (suppliers, buyers and stuff) and build strong loyalty between them.


Community      Ocean Translation Services in planning to be a reliable national company that makes a difference in this field and adds new value.

Core Values

At Ocean Translation Services, The internal and external total performance at Ocean Translation Services is developed by a set of core values, which are::


It is believed that the client is the core attention for any successful corporate. As a result, the stuff in Ocean Translation services pay special attention to the clients by providing them with high level of accuracy and quality in all translation services for and from all languages in order to make the best image of our corporate in the eyes of the client.


We believe that variety is an essential value for any successful organization, so variety exist in Ocean Translation services with all its aspects. Also, variety is promoted among our team members to create an educational cultured work environment. .

In addition to the variety among out team members, variety exists in our services too. We provide creative and innovative services of which our clients didn’t hear about them before. Thus, variety does not mean providing high level services but also creates innovative services which new for the world.


In Ocean Translation Services, everyone is performing their jobs according to their vision and this will lead to successful work environment and create reliable employees who can lead their communities to a better conditions.


In Ocean Translation Services, creativity is not about creating new ideas only, but it is about creating something new to change the whole world. In the translation field, creativity can be represented by the high-level accuracy of the translation. Sharp accuracy will reflect that the text is not translated and the reader will have the impression that it is the original language.


Property of Ocean Translation Services is not limited to the organization or the assets but also the team and the clients in private, so we do believe that our stuff and our clients are the most valuable assets that Ocean Translation Services can have.

Joint Decision:

We believe that allowing the employees to participate in decision making will make them feel that the corporate is their own property and make them reliable. As a result, we evaluate cooperative and collective responsibility and accountability.


We do believe that integrating our visions can grant continuity in order to make this organization sustainable and capable of lasting forever.

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