April 8, 2020

Car rentals in the UAE region become more exciting affairs if you are aware of particular things about availing the services. Using car hire service packages of a top-rated provider should be your natural choice if you want to save on long-term expenses. It also adds more value to your driving experience. Having more information about the rental services including benefits and features will place you in a comfortable position on this issue.

Use Your Credit Card

It is always wise to use a credit card at the picking-up center. In case of a debit card, you have to bear the cost of authorization. That will be an extra expense for you. It is better to enquire through the official website of the rental service provider about the available options of payment.

Use Your Credit Card

Age Does Matter

An important point to be noted is if you add an additional driver to the contract, who is less than 25 years of age, then it will cost you more. Also, if you want to hire a car, and your age is below 25, the expenses will be more than the usual rate. Car companies have this rule and any person needs to follow it. The driving record of the person can be clean, but that will not deter the company from charging more if the age is below 25.

Additional Driver Policy

Keep in mind that when you add an additional driver to the contract, there will be an extra fee to be paid per driver on a daily basis. It does not matter whether the additional driver is actually driving the car or not. You must double-check the car service provider’s policy on this regard, as sometimes, they might lower the rate for a domestic partner or a spouse.

Buying Car Insurance from Another Agency

It is intelligent to look for car insurance from any agency other than the car rental company. The fees are high when you purchase the insurance policy from the rental provider. Also, don’t forget to check the details of the insurance policy that you are having in this context. Check out on discount offers that some agencies might be offering.

Car Rental Company

Not Renting A Car from The Airport

It can be alluring to avail the provisions right from the Dubai or Abu Dhabi International Airport, but keep in mind that there will be additional airport charges that will add to the bill.

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