April 25, 2020

Although both SMEs and corporates transfer their vital cloud data and take advantage of the various perks O365 UAE offers, one may wonder how safe and reliable this cloud-based service really is? When these technologies grow and more companies are embracing the hybrid cloud computing model, this is said to no longer be a matter of concern. it perhaps provides companies with assurance and ease, as it just takes on data breach to build fear and increase concerns towards security.

Businesses who are taking the private cloud approach could be a sign that data centers from other sources do not establish adequate rates of confidence. Certainly, incidents like data breach of the drop box do not add to the reputation. Let's address the top five reasons why, unquestionably, Microsoft Office 365 UAE would be a more reliable choice.

Safeguard Office 365


Microsoft company has now made it very evident that it is dedicated to offering complete protection. They have admitted to their mistakes in the past. They are now doing their best to overcome and introduce better and improved security features and have also improved important security aspects authentication that is used across all means.

Disaster Plan

Most businesses often want to have their private centers to store data, which is the reason behind why they don't necessarily have a recovery plan put in position. In comparison, with O365, you are not only provided with a routine backup, and improved protection through multiple ways, but it also runs a certified center that does have a recovery plan in position.


User error triggers a variety of security issues. Either by opening an email that has been infected with a virus or unintentionally exposing personal data, Office 365 solves many such issues by automating the simple activities and further reducing the risk caused by humans.

Office 365

Back Your Data Up

The value of data backup cannot be overemphasized, which is why Microsoft has provided standard data backup services in Office 365.


As our personal information is increasingly spread around the web, we have all been calling for increased management over whom our data is visible to online. Office 365 offers a series of controls that allow you to configure who can and cannot access your details.