Conference Translation

Simultaneous Interpretation

In Ocean Translation Services , there is a high demand of the simultaneous interpretation at business meetings and international conferences. This service allows your conference discussion or business meeting to proceed as a single language conference or meeting. Simultaneous interpretation allows the audience to hear the discussion by his/her language by using headphones.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Ocean Translation Services chooses carefully the conference interpreters and they should be highly talented and have great experience in this field. In addition, simultaneous interpretation service is provided by using high quality of electronic equipment through which the interpreter’s voice is transmitted to the targeted audience.

The most important factor in Ocean Translation Services is quality and accuracy in simultaneous interpretation, so our interpreters are well-trained, hand-picked and professional specialists in translating into their native language. Ocean Translation Services assigns the appropriate interpreters who have great background of your discussion in order to render the best interpretation service to you.

By using simultaneous interpretation, your company will attract foreign attendance. You can offer simultaneous interpretation in your next promotion and the response will amaze you. Actually, simultaneous interpretation will help you to increase your targeted audience and promote your brand in a perfect way.

Consecutive InterpretationConsecutive Interpretation

Ocean Translation Services is seeking to satisfy their customers’ needs and be a leading professional translation services provider. In addition to simultaneous interpretation and other services, Ocean Translation Services provides consecutive interpretation to your meetings or conferences.

Consecutive interpreters deliver their interpretations when there are pauses while the speaker is talking or switching back and forth between the speaking parties. Consecutive interpretation is considered the most common type of interpretation. There is no special equipment in this form of interpretation. Our consecutive interpreters have strong language capabilities, excellent interpersonal competencies and specialized experience.

At-Sight Interpretation

At-Sight Interpretation

In this form of interpretation, interpreters switching any written message to a spoken one. They read the message silently, and then they say it to the targeted audience.

This kind of interpretation is highly required in any legal proceeding or courts where there are many parties speaking different languages. The interpreter reads and records the text in order to be heard by the judge later. Some people believe that at-sight interpretation is as easy task and there is no much attention is dedicated to it but, actually, it is very difficult like any other forms of interpretation.

Ocean Translation Services offers you professional at-sight interpreters who provide accurate and complete at-sight interpretation of the documents. Our at-sight interpreters totally understand that they should never paraphrase while interpreting in the court. Ocean Translation Services  chooses carefully at-sight interpreters and they should enunciate clearly and loudly, with voice modulation and proper intonation.

Interpretation Equipment

Interpretation Equipment

There are two types of simultaneous interpretation equipment:

  1. Radio frequency (called RF or FM)
  2. Infrared (called IR).

These two equipment are used for simultaneous interpretation systems and assistive listening.

Ocean Translation Services offers all the equipment needed in the interpretation services including:

  • Mobile Booth Infrared interpretation system( IR Receiver, IR Radiator, IR Transmitter, stand microphones, clip microphones, loud speakers, stereo headphones, clip-on earphones).
  • Screen for presentations.
  • Data show projector.
  • Video recording and photographing services.