Document Translation

Legal Translation

Legal Translation

Legal translation is one of the most sensitive activities among the fields of translation, it’s a daily activity and any mistranslated passage may lead to lawsuits and money loss.

That’s why in Ocean Translation Services – believing in the “horses for courses” saying – our team consists of legal consultants aware of the right terminology to be followed in that type of translation and by perceiving its implications, our translators begin to translate the document based on our consultant’s instructions.


Technical TranslationTechnical Translation

Technical translation is related to texts dealing with technical information and specialized terminology, every industry depends on it as its used to make information much easier for the customers to understand, inaccurate translation may lead the company to unforeseen liabilities.
In Ocean Translation Services, we provide accuracy by our translators specialized in both source and target language supported by Patents, user manuals in a cost and time-effective manner.

 Medical Translation

Medical Translation

Medical translation is a critical type of translation in which it requires monthly updated knowledge in the healthcare field and full understanding of regulatory law.

Ocean Translation Services believes that Words save lives, so we provide qualified and well trained translators with linguistic skills on a wide network, able to translate medical documents in over 150 languages.

Business TranslationBusiness Translation

Business Translation through the market expansion is extremely important to every enterprise that must provide multicultural/multinational footprints.

Ocean Translation Services, works with all kinds of establishments also we have expert translators that are able to protect you from enormous money loss working on projects to achieve effectively your objectives, working in the fields of finance, marketing and law as our translators are completely aware of the legal implications that differ from a country to another.



Banking, Economy & Finance TranslationBanking, Economy & Finance Translation

Also called (BEF Translation) is considered the hardest field in translation, which explains why there aren’t much of qualified translators working in the field.

Ocean Translation Services provides all kinds of necessary bank statements that helps track money monthly which shows how critical the process is, equity research reports, quantitative analysis, company summaries, financial news, as well as investor relations materials and annual reports.

Also with the work of our expert translators in the field of finance, we are able to guarantee you the best quality in the financial documents translated.


Media & PressMedia & Press

Media & press translation’s main objective is to emphasize all aspects of predictable thoughts using the target language.

The accuracy of such a translation depends on simulating the press’s style of writing.

Because there are two types of media translation, which are News articles and analytical articles, each has a different style of typing with different required skills of writing.

Ocean Translation Services, maintains the integrity of the target text conveying the same values of the source text.



Culture & Ideology Translation

Culture & Ideology Translation

Culture and Ideology Translation is the kind of translation that involves cultural differences so in this case, being bilingual alone won’t be sufficient; such translation requires professional bicultural persons.
Ocean Translation services follow a highly disciplined approach in that field.

We have specialized translators in cultural differences that are able to produce accurate translation which is impartial of the source texts.

As for religious contents, because we know how sensitive these contents might be, we provide you with religion-experts willing to asset you in translating these kinds of contents.


Science & TechnologyScience & Technology

 Science and technology translation often requires accuracy, eloquence, and fluidity as this field is essential in scientific studies.

Even though having a document without errors or falter in its style, precision and consistency are difficult to achieve Ocean Translation services hires a team of specialized translators in technology and engineering with knowledge and backgrounds regarding the field.

Politics & DiplomacyPolitics & Diplomacy

Translators of diplomatic and political text must be updated of political terminology also a political translator might have skills similar to the press translator’s.

A Political translator must have a background in politics and the everyday news as it’s often changeable.

We at Ocean Translation Services understand how critical political matters are and we know how important the role of languages that is played in multicultural diplomacy and international affairs, so our translators are professionals with specialized knowledge of institutions like the UN, NATO, European Commission, IMF, World Bank, G7, among-st others.


General TranslationGeneral Translation

General translation is basically about Migrating contents from one culture to another which is a complicated mission to accomplish that requires high accuracy. 

Also, general translation is about the role of communication, and communicating means transferring information that might be considered highly critical which makes language translation alone not sufficient. 

Ocean Translation Services consist of hand-picked calibers, a team full of professionals and multi-discipline experts who will be able to meet your requirements and will provide accuracy in the translated contents.

Also, our translators are completely aware of the cultural translation sensitivity so relax when you provide our translation as it will help you communicate your information easily without being misunderstood as we have the ability to deliver a corporate message to your multicultural audience.