ICT Translation



ICT Translation stands for Information and communication technology referring to the migration of information from one culture to another which emerges new forms of translation adaptable to continuous development.

At Ocean Translation services, we provide you with professional packages in our ICT Translation Sector covering all of your requirements regarding that field., current Ocean ICT Translation sector includes the following: 


E-mail Translation

E-mail Translation

Usually, when you have multilingual correspondences within your organization or between the company and the client, the communication might be difficult sometimes due to the language barriers.

in Ocean Translation Services we will be able to help you by the assistance of our professionals in the e-mail translation services that will make you able to communicate with your correspondences in over than 24 languages and the only effort you will have to do is just to send us the required e-mail to be translated.


Software Localization

Some enterprises arrange for strategic plans to expand their businesses in order to operate in new markets out of the enterprise’s country of origin. 

This kind of expansion to global markets if carried improperly, the expansion will become a threat to the success of the enterprise.
Software LocalizationSoftware localization is one of the difficult challenges faced when adapting to a new market amongst other issues like application quality and deadlines lacking flexibilities.
In Ocean Translation Services, we have professionals and experts in software localization that will be able to meet the client’s requirements.
We have consultants to assist you since the commencement of the strategy and will be able to help on two levels:-

(a) Initiation: Any new market will come with new system requirements that need to be defined and to help you in giving all the required insights regarding the development process.

(b) Implementation: lOur consultants will help you with localizing the system user interface and assist you with the engineering requirements also we will run the system quality tests in your behalf to assure you best quality and service.

Ocean Translation Services will able to provide you with all of this in any location and language you wish, our core value is to expand your abilities to enhance your market penetration, this will happen as we will be able to shorten the production time, achieve the objectives determined by the strategy, maximizing your new market share and most importantly, increasing your enterprise profits.


SMS Translation

SMS Translation

For those clients corresponding with foreigners, SMS/TEXT messages translation services is extremely important specially if the client 

has no knowledge or very little knowledge about the language the correspondent speaks.

Ocean Translation Services, we will be able to translate your 160- character SMS in over than 24 languages.

What makes Ocean translation services different from other translation services companies is that most of the other companies depend on computer programs which lack accuracy and it will be similar to Google translate depending on literal translation.

But in Ocean Translation Services, we excel by providing such services through a team of professional translators aware of the clients’ needs, meeting all of their requirements.


Website Translation OverviewWebsite Translation Overview

Most of the today’s organizations have their own websites which may include several languages to assist their customers and correspondents in understanding what the organization is trying to display on the website and for a successful and international organization to participate effectively in global market, they depend on their marketing campaigns which gets us back to why most of the organizations rely on their websites and what are the contents of the website.

in Ocean Translation Services we are aware of the sensitivity and difficulty of such an equation specially that some of the marketing contents may not fit in a specific culture making the client aware of such a point, and because we also know that web translation is considered as bridging the global cultural gap, we provide optimum solutions that meet your requirements and enhance your scalability by our e-marketing professionals and qualified translators making you able to maintain its web presence and increasing your findability.


Website Content Translation

As mentioned, most of the organizations rely on their websites to correspond with their customers and having monolingual website will shorten the scope of your customers making you won’t able to work but with local customers only.

Website Content Translation

Ocean So simply, you need a way to update your contents to multiple languages portals in order to broaden your scope of customers.

We in Ocean Translation Services , will be able to add for you these multiple languages portals effectively and make you able to effectively manage the website.

As easy as it might seem, the development of multiple languages portals in a website is challenging and it’s time-consuming, however you won’t have to worry about it with us as we have the professional expertise qualified to face all the challenges involved in such a process through translation Proxy and we facilitate the globalization process of your website through providing a cloud-based translation by our consultants which will make you able to customize your portals in whatever language you need based on where your corporate is located in a cost-effective manner.

We can also assure you that translating the contents of your website and adding language portals will maintain the same values of the source contents taking under consideration cultural differences by our specialized consultants so the original content will be delivered to global audiences and even if you updated your main contents, that will be reflected on the other languages portals that we will add to your website immediately through using Translation Proxy unlocking more opportunities for your corporate to expand globally.




Crowdsourced TranslationCrowdsourced Translation

Thanks to advanced technology, we stopped spending our time in actual environments but we spend our time now virtually which is why the internet became the perfect environment for discussions as you can find dozens of them over Social Medias and blogs, etc.

But even though it became much easier now to reach new markets, it still needs professional translators and localizers and In Ocean Translation Services, we excel at providing localization services through our hand-picked team of professional translators and localizers to deliver accurate and cost-effective translation.

But this is the perfect you for successful and international corporates to reach new markets and expand their scopes in a cost and time-effective manner where all the internet’s contents will be able to help your corporate spread your message.


SEO TranslationSEO Translation

SEO Translation stands for Search Engine Optimization which is considered the most effective way to get more web traffic and top the search ranking for your website.
In Ocean Translation Services, we have SEO qualified translators paying attention to most used keyword searches while translating your website to top the search ranking.
Such a tool will help you invest in new markets, communicate globally and raise your competitiveness.
Most of the translation companies don’t pay much of attention to SEO translation which might cause money loss and delay of your market expansion.

By choosing Ocean Translation Services‘ we will provide you with valuable keyword searches, we will strengthen your new market expansion and your website will be amongst the first page in search engines.


Real-Time TranslationReal-Time Translation

Monolingual websites usually fails to deliver full understanding to clients dropping over 90% of the whole content as they don’t understand the language the contents are written by.

Ocean Translation Services provides you with real-time translation customized platform that provides instant translation which solves such a world communication challenge as it will be provided in a cost-effective manner and high quality that will enhance your customer-relationship management and make you broaden your scope..