Multimedia Translation


Multimedia Translation also refers to as Audiovisual Translation, which is a special branch of translation deals with multi-media translation that implies the use of a multimedia electronic system in the transmission process


In the organization-customer communication they are simply translating form of texts into visual ones, as it’s highly preferable to customers.

Multimedia is also used today in delivering training in which e-learning depends on as it should be culturally adapted before targeting any of it to global audiences.

Actually, multimedia is designed and meant to leave an impression. If you have decided to expand your global base of audience, you have to assure the ever best impact of different contents directed to each market to maintain the success and reputation of your brand.

In Ocean Translation Services, we are completely aware that the purpose of multimedia is to leave an impression, so minting the success of your organization, you have to depend on professionals to assure the best impact directed to the multicultural market and as we have leaders in the field with the ability to customize multimedia for local markets through project setup, multilingual voice over and QA testing.
We also provide you with the opportunity to reach your local customers faster through a cost-effective option delivered by our Video Translation services.


Video Subtitling

Video Subtitling

Subtitling is the linguistic practice that conveys a language version of the source speech throw displaying written texts.

Also, bilingual subtitles are used to show two different language versions of the source text at the same time.

So basically Videos and visuals translation isn’t exactly as easy as translating documents, there’s a lot of things to consider before commencing such a project.

At  Ocean Translation Services, we are aware of how important the clients need to make their products and services distinctive from others in the market, making stand out from the crowd, so we proudly provide you with outstanding experience of handling e-learning materials and projects indicating what we have built in that field from experience and professionalism meeting all your expectations and easily help you with your requirements as after receiving your video, we go through all the complicated processes and the processes that requires professionals only to realize in your behalf and deliver it back to you with accuracy.


Photo/Image TranslationPhoto / Image Translation

Visual effects leave the most impression which is why we believe that photos and images are one of the most effective ways of communicating and sharing information.

Many of today’s images and photos contain texts that might need to be translated into other languages putting under consideration that the text together with the visual element needs to be conveyed all into another language. At  Ocean Translation Services, we have top-notch translators that are Photoshop experts that will be able to provide you with that kind of translation through conveying the same value of the texts contained in the original images into the translated and targeted ones.



Dubbing is also known as ‘lip-synchronize” is one of the most comprehensive forms of translation that involves translation and 

synchronization as well as dubbing someone’s performance.

Dubbing follows the “timing, phrasing and lip movement of the original dialogue”.

At  Ocean Translation Services , we have leaders and professionals that are talented in dubbing that can provide you with cultural accuracy and localized dubbing for TV broadcasts, videos, short and feature films, documentaries and commercials. Making sure that the accent and the speech are localized for the targeted audience as regional differences cannot be mimicked in accent unless the actor is native even if he’s one of the most skilled.
Ocean Translation Services can guarantee you that each translation service is monitored by our industry leading quality assurance system as we deliver the dubbed files in the formats requested by the clients.


Voice Over

Voice Over

In Video productions, voice over localization is used to replace audio contents in a specific scene, it doesn’t require the precision included in dubbing but following a time sequence is a must and that requires proper expertise and equipment.

Voice-over localization services are commonly used in Documentary movies for the narrator role in the background through the entire duration of the movie.

Voice-over projects success depends on the superior quality a sound is recorded by.
In Ocean Translation Services, we will be able to provide you with such a quality with our qualified team and their wide experience in the field in our leading recording studios delivering top quality in formats based on clients’ request guaranteeing highest technical quality timed and formatted for lip synchronization, documentary style, or voice-over narration.