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The simultaneous interpretation service provided by Ocean Translation Services is highly demanded at international conferences and business meetings. Simultaneous interpretation allows your conferences, meetings and discussions to proceed as a single language meeting. Each one of the audience can hear what is being said in his/her own language through headphones.

Ocean Translation Services provides simultaneous interpretation service through a combination of highly talented conference interpreters and high quality electronic equipment transmitting the interpreters’ voice to the targeted audience.

We offer you a comprehensive package. Our simultaneous interpreters are hand-picked, trained and professional specialists translating into their native language in order to guarantee accuracy and quality in interpretation. The appropriate interpreter(s) familiar with the subject matter of your meeting will be assigned to render the best interpretation service to you.

Simultaneous interpretation is a value added to your company. It is the best way to attract foreign attendance. Try it in your next promotion; the response and added-value will amaze you and you will have your brand promoted to a good number of foreign audiences.


Along with simultaneous interpretation and the other translation fields, Ocean Translation Services provides you with consecutive interpretation in order to satisfy the needs of your customers. Being a leading and professional services provider, Ocean Translation Services offers consecutive interpretation service for your conferences and meetings.

Consecutive interpreters give their interpretations when the speaker pauses, usually switching back and forth between the communicating parties. Consecutive interpretation is the most common form of interpretation. It does not utilize particular equipment. Our team of consecutive interpreters is composed of interpreters with strong language abilities, good interpersonal skills and specialized experience.

In at-sight interpretation, interpreters transform a written message into a spoken one. Interpreters read the text silently in the source language, and then they say it in the target language.

At-sight interpretation is highly required in courts and legal proceedings, where a case involves parties speaking different languages. The interpreter reads the text and the interpretation is recorded to be heard later by the judge. Although some people consider at-sight interpretation a simple task and, as a consequence, not too much attention is devoted to it, it is just as difficult as any other kinds of interpretation.

Ocean Translation Services provides top-notch, professional at-sight interpreters. Our interpreters are aware that their role is vital as they should provide a complete and accurate at-sight interpretation of the document so the defendant / respondent can understand the conditions imposed by the judge. They completely understand that court interpreters should never paraphrase when they are actually interpreting in court. Our interpreters are distinguished for their professional delivery of at-sight interpretation. They enunciate loudly and clearly, with proper intonation and voice modulation.

Simultaneous interpretation equipment are of two main types: 1) infrared (also called IR); and 2) radio frequency (also called RF or FM). Both are used for assistive listening and simultaneous interpretation systems.

Ocean Translation Services provides all needed interpretation equipment and services including, Mobile Booth Infrared Interpretation System (IR Transmitter, IR Radiator, IR Receiver, Interpreter Console, clip-on earphones, stereo headphones, loud speakers, clip microphones, stand microphones), data show projectors and screens for presentations, photographing and video recording services.