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In Dubai business environment, legal translation is a general indispensible daily activity. In legal documents, every word and letter counts. That is why legal translation is one of the most difficult fields of translation that requires rigorously high standards. In Ocean Translation Services, we are aware of legal documents sensitivity, and we believe in the proverb saying: “horses for courses”. Having a team consisting of both translators and legal consultants, we firstly analyze the legal text in order to understand and perceive its implications. Then we begin to translate the text based on our understanding of its overt and covert meanings.

Technical materials are used virtually in every industry to instruct, advise, educate, sell, and communicate. Bad, or even inaccurate, translation in such field may not only undermine the brand of a company, it may also result in dangerous consequences and expose the company to unforeseen liabilities.

Accurate technical translation is a “must-have” in today’s global marketplace. Customers need to quickly and efficiently understand enormous amounts of information. That is why Ocean Translation Services pays special attention to provide accurate and professional technical translation with support documents, user guides, patents, manufacturing, compliance and standards information in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Undoubtedly, medical translation is one of the most critical and specialized types of translation. For we believe that a word can save life, Ocean Translation Services‘ strategy takes into account the fact that medical translation should be carried out through a professional team of translators with scientific and medical backgrounds and skills.

Ocean Translation Services provides medical translation in more than 150 languages through a wide network of dozens of qualified translators on whom you can rely.

In today’s challenging economic environment and in the shadow of market expansion, you need experienced translation providers to help you meet your business translation needs. Ocean Translation Services works with large, medium and small establishments on a daily basis to meet all of their business translation requirements. Having a multinational/multicultural footprint is an absolute must in today’s global economy. To compete effectively, you, together with your organization, will need professional high-quality translation services to support your business activities.

At Ocean Translation Services, our business translation service incorporates a multi-disciplined approach involving translation experts in the fields of marketing, finance, accounting, human resources and law. In many instances, we have several experts working on one translation project to ensure it accomplishes your objectives while protecting you from potential liabilities. This is often the case when legal and business communications mix. The way you say something in a particular region or country can have legal implications that do not exist in another country.

Banking, economy and finance (BEF) translation ranks among the hardest translation fields. Deadlines are tight, quality standards are extremely stringent and the subject matter is often not known in advance as it is determined by day-to-day events. In addition, there are relatively few translators with experience and high qualifications in such field.

Ocean Translation Services provides financial translation, including translation of banking statements, equity research reports, quantitative analysis, company summaries, financial news, as well as investor relations materials and annual reports. Such translations are provided by professional translators with experience in the field of finance in order to guarantee top quality.

Translation of media and press content requires talents and skills. A translator who works with such field of translation must be knowledgeable and have the skills of simulating the style of press writings.

There are two types of media and press translation; the first one is the news articles. This type is easy to translate because it narrates a certain event. The other one is the editorial and analytic articles. In this type of articles, the writer uses many metaphors and similes trying to express one’s own attitude towards a certain topic. Translating such type of articles requires skills and good ability to express and use the target language.

Thus, the objective of media texts is to emphasize various aspects of human thought. Such field of translation utilizes symbolism, puns and metaphors that target the human emotions rather than trying to convey specific information.

In order to convey, as closely as possible, the same intent of the source text, we hire specialized translators experienced in media and press translation. It is our goal, in Ocean Translation Services, to convey the same emotions and values of the source text while maintaining the integrity of the target text.

Translation, by definition, entails the transformation from one culture into another. So, it shouldn’t be practiced by bilinguals, but rather only professional bi-cultural persons could accurately translate texts, especially those involving cultural and ideological issues.

In Ocean Translation Services, we follow a highly disciplined approach in translating cultural and ideological texts. We entrust such tasks to specialized translators who are aware of the cultural differences in order to produce accurate and impartial translation of the source texts. In addition, we have a team of religion-experts who are promptly willing to serve you with translation for any sensitive religious texts you have

Ocean Translation Services understands that accurate, eloquent and fluid translation is essential for the effective communication of science and vital for the globalization of scientific studies and journals. When a scientific text is sent to us, you can rest in the knowledge that your document will not pick up errors or falter in its style.

Ocean Translation Services pays special attention for technical, engineering and scientific texts where precision, accuracy and consistency are particularly important and notoriously hard to achieve. We hire a team of translators with knowledge and backgrounds in technology and science.

Translators of diplomatic and political text must have a vast wealth of knowledge and be updated of political terminology because there are new political terminologies appear every day. Also, such a translator must have the same skills as a press translator has.

We at Ocean Translation Services understand the utmost important role that languages play in multicultural diplomacy and international affairs, so we rely on professionals with specialized knowledge of institutions like the UN, NATO, European Commission, IMF, World Bank, G7, amongst others.

In a closely connected world where information and data travel in abundant quantities from anywhere to anywhere around-the-clock, translation plays the key, and may be the only, role of communication. Communicating information from one source culture into a specific destination is a highly critical process that goes far beyond language transformation. Migrating content from one culture to another, i.e., translation, is a complex mission that requires high alertness to accuracy and proficiency in a time-sensitive process.

Ocean Translation Services professional team of translators is made up of hand-picked calibers and multi discipline experts who are ready to meet all your translation requirements in whatever language. Being native speakers of all target languages, our professionals will happily provide you with accurate and culture-sensitive translation to help you communicate your information, and deliver corporate message to your global audience.