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Nowadays, much of the organization-customer communication is turning from the form of texts into visual messages. Moreover, customers highly prefer to receive information in such a way. Much of today’s e-learning relies on multimedia to deliver training. As for user interfaces, multimedia should be properly localized and culturally adapted before such materials can be used and targeted to international audiences.

Actually, multimedia is designed and meant to leave an impression. If you have decided to expand your global base of audience, you have to assure the ever best impact of different contents directed to each market to maintain the success and reputation of your brand.

In Ocean Translation Services, we are the leaders in the field of multimedia customizing for local markets through our dedicated multimedia localization services including project setup, multilingual voice over and QA testing. Ocean-delivered Video Translation Services allow you to fast reach your local customers with a cost-effective option.

As multimedia platforms become more and more commonplace across all walks of life, our clients’ need to make their products and services stand out from the crowd has never been more apparent. At ocean Translation Services, our long experience of handling e-learning materials or other multimedia projects indicates that we have built up a wealth of experience in this sector and can professionally and easily help you find the best way to move forward.

One of the most technical aspects of multimedia localization is the translation of videos and visuals. Definitely, you cannot simply and easily “translate” a video into another language the same way you can do with a document or a piece of software. There is a wide range of processes and things to think about before even starting this sort of project. In ocean Translation Services, we receive your video and go through all of such complicated processes through our team of professionals in translation and video subtitling, and then we deliver you the video with professional and accurate subtitling.

As globalization accelerates both economically and culturally, there is an increasing demand to obtain the latest information from all over the world and communicate easily and smoothly with people from other countries. Photos and images are among the most effective methods of communicating information as the visual effect leaves more impression. You may have an image with a text written on it. You need to convey the text, together with the visual element into another language. At Ocean Translation Services, we provide such kind of translation through top notch translators and Photoshop experts, in order to convey the same sense and message of the original photo/image into the target one.

ocean Translation Services’ team of leading dubbing talent provides culturally accurate and localized dubbing for TV broadcasts, videos, short and feature films, documentaries and commercials. In order to convey the original message of the source content to the global market place and local communities, it is essential that the dialect, accent and speech are localized and conveyed for the clients’ target audience. Even the most skilled actors cannot mimic regional differences in accent or dialect unless they are native to the target country and region.

Each and every translation service provided by ocean Translation Services is guaranteed by our industry leading quality assurance system. Upon the successful completion of the project, we deliver the certifiable translation and dubbed files in the format requested by the customer.

Voice-over multimedia localization services are widely used in video productions to replace audio content not spoken by an actor in a particular scene. Documentary films commonly use voice-overs, as there is usually a background voice describing such scene.

The success of our clients’ voice-over projects relies on the superior quality of the sound and recording. Your Ocean Translation Services project manager partners with leading recording studios to guarantee that the end user product is of the highest technical quality; timed and formatted for lip synchronization, documentary style, or voice-over narration. Eventually, we deliver the top quality audio files in the format requested by the client.

Voice-over localization services do not require the precision involved in dubbing or subtitling; however, they still need to follow a time sequence. This requires the proper equipment and expertise. At ocean Translation Services, we have a qualified team with a long experience in providing voice-over services. We ensure the highest quality output for your target audience.