We Have Established a Vision With Clear Goals: Environment.Community.Profitability.Portfolio.Environment.

Ocean Translation Services (OTS) was incorporated to create a functional solution to the perennially high demand, or perhaps necessity, for innovative cutting-edge plurilingual content products and services in the United Arab Emirates. The accumulated experience of our affiliate Royal Tajoory Investment across various industries has enabled us to design and deliver effective and amalgamated packages of content products, translations, services, etc. in multiple languages.

Our lines of services include Linguistic services, Content Development, Document Translation, and Multimedia Translation, among others. Every major service includes a bunch of affiliated services that would assist global leaders in their respective industries to attain the following business objectives - increasing their market share, enhancing their product adoption capabilities, and/or engaging their patrons in local markets.

All of our products are developed and delivered to provide trustworthy industry insights to our valuable clients, which is a key requirement for them for crafting strategical plans for their business. Our elite and experienced content creators work in tandem with leading professionals of various industries to provide clients with latest reports from their industry and keep them updated with all of the latest trends and requirements of their industry.

We at OTS, are a smart, process-oriented, and market-driven organization which works with an objective of developing and delivering smart, ingenious, and authentic services, products, consultation from the experts, and translations, on all kinds of subject matters, all in multiple languages; in addition to all other associated activities. The approach to our business assures our shareholders of a reasonable return on investment (ROI) and creates and maintains a thriving ambience for our experienced professionals which encourages and supports them to take on challenges.

We aim to become the nationwide leaders in our industry and transform or revitalize the traditional means and tools our clients use for gathering, managing, distributing, and communicating data.

Over the next half a decade, we would become the UAE’s foremost plurilingual translation and content providers. We will be the national leaders in our sphere of operation and generate annual revenues to increase the shareholders’ ROI. To support, simplify and guide our journey towards realizing this vision of ours, we have laid down the following goals:


Increase the Return on Investment for shareholders;


Create a corporate culture that inspires our personnel to perform at their best and take challenges head on;


Devise a diverse portfolio containing integrated plurilingual translations and plurilingual content products, services, and all types of affiliated activities that forecast and meet the requirements and desires of clients and their audience.


Develop a strong network of skilled partners and forge a relationship of mutual loyalty to create mutually beneficial situations for everyone;


Become a dependable and value-adding national entity.

We have fostered a corporate culture that prioritizes total commitment to our core values. All our business operations are aligned with these values that we hold so dear. Here’s a brief overview of them.


At Ocean, we believe in the adage ‘Customer is King!’. We have, hence, centered all our processes around the needs and demands of our clients. We provide them with consistently high quality and accurate translations to and from any language they need with the objective of improving and strengthening our brand image in the consciousness of our clients.


Variety is what that differentiates the best from the rest. Thus, we strive for and pursue variety, and promote it within our team to develop and nurture an inspirational corporate working environment.

More importantly, we also strive to bring variety in our services by designing and delivering innovative services. It is our strong belief that variety isn’t, or rather shouldn't be restricted to delivering high quality services but the term also involves producing creative and totally new types of services.


We strongly believe that the route towards creating a successful and positive work environment is best simplified by allowing employees to perform in accordance with their vision. This also creates leaders of the future who could lead our society as a whole to achieve greater heights.


Why should creativity be restricted solely to the creation of new and unique ideas? Shouldn’t it extend to the idea of creating something that could change the whole community, or even the whole world for its own good? In line with that thought, we create sharp and accurate translations that make readers believe that what they are reading isn’t a translation but a piece of work written originally in the language they are reading it in.


Some may argue that assets such as land, buildings, and machinery constitute an organization’s property. We like to believe that in addition to those assets, an organization’s team and its clients are its greatest assets. And we treat these assets with love and care, just like you treat any asset that generates revenue. 

Joint Decision

When employees are encouraged to participate in the decision-making process, it instills confidence in every member of the team and allows them to grow personally and professionally. It makes them feel that the organization belongs to them, and not the other way around. In line with this thought, we encourage our employees to get involved in the decision-making processes and create an environment where joint decisions are the order of the day, every day.


A sustainable organization could only be created by integrating the visions of all involved in it. This integration is what gives an organization the continuity is dearly needs to last forever.

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Who We Are

Ocean Translation Services, an affiliate of Royal Tajoory Investment, has been created in response to the UAE’s ever-increasing market demand for creative multilingual content products and services. Powered by Royal Tajoory Investment’s accumulated experience in multidisciplinary industries, we dedicate all our technical capabilities to serve our world class clients and to help them achieve their business objectives through integrated packages of multilingual content products, services and related activities in multiple fields and industries.

Special Services

Legal Translation
Content Development
Conference Translation
Multimedia Translation


ISO Certified

Ocean Translation Services is an ISO certified company (ISO 9001:2014).


Licensed by UAE Ministry of Justice

Ocean Translation Services is duly licensed by the Ministry of Justice in Dubai, UAE .