Multimedia Translation

As stated before, multimedia alternatives are highly preferred in any sector. It is known as the ideal method to gain and retain your audience's attention. At OTS, our experience in handling different multimedia projects and e-learning material, gained over the years gives us an edge. Due to this vast experience and knowledge, we can also assist you in moving forward with many multimedia options to gain attention from your audience and competitors.

When it comes to the localization of multimedia, the biggest technical challenge comes with the translation of these visuals and videos provided. It isn't easy to google translate and your video content to a different language. It may seem as easy as translating a written document but it is not. Multimedia adds a lot of challenges in the process of translation. There is a range of processes that a multimedia file has to go through to be translated properly. At OTS, when the video is received by us, it is passed onto our professional team, who then go through this video, translate it and then finally subtitle it. Consequently, we will deliver this video to you which has been successfully translated and subtitled.

Globalization has given a visible boost these days to acquiring and exchanging details and facts from global sources. When it comes to the different types of information that is exchanged, such as images/photos, it is becoming increasingly important as visuals to show a more accurate description of the concept.

Most times often than not, there is a text provided along with the image. This text needs to be translated in such a way, that it brings about the true meaning of the concept and coincides as well with the image. We, at OTS, translate the image with the help of our experienced team of professionals who translate and convey the original message without actually compromising the true essence of it, which is often last in the process of translation.

Our dubbing team at OTS consists of front-runner dubbing artists of today that provide local dubbing used in films, movies, documentaries, advertisements and TV broadcasts.

We achieve accurate dubbing by conveying the idea that was originally intended, keeping in mind all cultural and linguistic nuances when translating for local communities or international audiences. It is extremely important that the dialogue and accent are on point and right. Furthermore, dialect also plays a key role in ensuring that quality dubbing is achieved. Hence, you require skilled actors/ personnel from all parts of the country to enable this and achieve these various accents. OTS ensures that you receive these translation services performed by the leading talent in the industry. The finished product can be delivered in any format as requested by the customer.

Voice overs are essentially made use of in videos that do not contain any dialogues delivered by an actor/actress in that particular scene. Documentary films especially make use of these particular local services of voice overs to describe the thought process or scene in the background. We provide our clients with voice overs that is of utmost quality.

We have also tied up with the best recording studios, who ensure that the finished product that is delivered to the client is excellent quality. We also format the same in accordance to the voice narration and compliant with the documentary style. We also offer to deliver audio files to the client in any format they feel comfortable with.

Although voice overs are not considered to be as tedious as the processes of subtitling and dubbing, however, it does require a proper time sequence that needs to be followed. This calls for an experienced staff and advanced equipment. Luckily, we at OTS, provide both along with experience garnered over the years in this particular field. Hence, you can expect a high-quality audio output from us to impress your audience.