May 20, 2020

Winter is the season of joy and happiness. But this season can leave a sour taste in your mouth if you are struck in a blizzard or heavy snowfall because your car battery died. As the mercury began to drop the batteries began to lose their power by almost 33%, it is recommended that one should park the car in shades and use covers in order to provide more warmth.

Most batteries last about three years, it is best that one should get their car battery checked by professionals at least once a year. These tests can reveal issues with the mechanics and gives you an idea as to how long your battery will last.

How to Prepare Your Car Battery for Winter

Get the Battery Checked

Cold temperature makes the battery work overtime as in winter the engine requires more power to start. It is recommended before the onset of winter gets the battery and alternator checked by professionals. Also, try to avoid taking short trips as it only adds unwanted pressure on the battery.

Keep the Battery Clean

Before the weather changes, makes sure that you have double-checked battery cables and brackets are in proper shape and tightened. It is important to keep them clean and in place as they ensure proper power supply. Always check for corrosion, if there is any remove it with brush and baking soda. Also, if you are not going to be using the car in the winters and it will park in the garage make sure you disconnect the wire because clocks, auto-locks, etc. will use the power no matter the car is off.

Check Expiry Date

Most batteries last only three years and in few cases for five years. If your battery is nearing its expiry date make sure you get it replaced, now may be the time to replace it. Battery size does not matter much in resolving the startup issue during winter. However, it is important that you buy a battery that is a perfect match for your car model.

Check Expiry Date

Battery Blanket

Consider getting warmer for your car battery. In the age of technological advancement, you can easily buy a battery warmer that will protect the battery from the freezing temperature and keep them warm. This electrical equipment produces heat that prevents fluid in the battery from freezing. 

Reduce Radio Use

Try to avoid using too much heater and radio as they use the power from the car’s alternator specially when the car is idle, which prevents the battery from charging.