Content Development

Our Content Development Service Inclusions

Every piece of writing should be edited well before sending it out. A well edited document will give a good impression to the reader. When you’re done with your draft send it over to us and let us edit your text to make it as professional as possible. We provide you with only the best copy editors to edit out or rectify all the errors in your write up.

We deliver our professional copy-editing services in 3 stages:

We start by proofreading your text to look for any corrections in grammar and spelling. We also correct punctuation errors and formatting errors.

Copy Editing
This process is performed to make the text cleaner and more concise. We check for any inconsistency or other writing flaws. Ocean Translation Services has editors that are a group of professional individuals that refine your draft to make it into a clean copy. Editors are responsible for improving sentence structures, grammar and the language of the copy. They have to do all this while being careful that the meaning and aim of the document doesn’t get lost or changed. We use tools like Microsoft Word Track Changes to review changes made.

Substantive Editing
This level only comes into the picture if you need help to write the document. Here, we make major changes in the document and create a crisp and informative copy.

We offer a specialized press release service that helps our clients’ business gain publicity through Google and other search engines, blogs, websites, etc. This service helps you gain new customers and retain the existing ones.

As a part of this service, we form news announcements pertaining to your business. If you need help with the news announcement format, feel free to ask us for guidance. We can provide loads of illustrations and handy tips that help you write.

We offer you a wide variety of press release packages to choose from. Here, you may also choose distribution options, media options, etc.

You can submit your story in a press template that we would have arranged for you. When we receive you release, we will publish it on our network which consists of various news sites, journalists, Google, Bing, and other search engines.

You may have the most amazing ideas but writing about them might seem tricky to you. At Ocean translation services, we take your ideas and create meaningful text to explain them with our technical writing service. Your ideas may be a little complicated and that’s okay because we can explain them to both technical and non- technical audiences. We have a team of experienced consultants with a specialization in technical writing and they ensure that you are provided with proper technical documentation.

Our technical writing team could help you with user documentation as well as online assistance. The content we make can be supplied to audiences through many platforms. We know that technical documentation needs to be compiled considering beginner to advanced levels of understanding so we provide the technical write ups accordingly for people of varied skill sets.

Videos are a great way to grab a customer’s attention in order to promote your business and product with it. At ocean translation services, we deliver video making services we assist you in promoting growth in your business, raise your credibility and achieve an edge in the business with your multimedia promotions.

The Ocean translation services’ video making department is all set to convert your ideas and aims into a visual medium making it easy to comprehend complex concepts and technical details. Videos prove to be very effective with customers. That’s why our team produces high quality video clips for marketing your product, business, website, etc.

It is amazing what a well-done photo presentation can do to get your customer’s attention and interest. We at ocean Translation services edit and compile your images in a professional way or collect the photos to compile them into a concise and sound photo presentation.

Our photo creation team includes Photoshop designers that help create the perfect collection of images. Creating a clear, colorful and comprehensive image for your business needs is our primary goal. We use a broad variety of graphics and effects to create the best photo mainly by using Photoshop.

Your logo designer has to be a creative expert with good experience because your business logo makes a lasting impression on the target audience’s mind. So, it represents your brand. An ideal logo embodies the company’s core idea with its design.

Ocean’s translation services have experts in the logo design team that will surely give your organization the best logo design that does justice to the products or services you offer.

We will design a logo for you that is unique, eye-catching and amplifies the image of the brand. We create logos that are attractive and easily recognizable by customers and audiences alike.

Any documents that you wish to publish should go through proper DTP. There needs to be a consistency in the layout of the document in multiple languages. Ocean translation services has a desktop publishing service department that can help you form good content to spread globally.

We provide document composition, brochure compiling and book editing services too. We employ professionals that are good at making basic layouts for various languages and text orientation of typesetting languages. We guarantee that our final content is professional and that you can print it without any concern.

We use typesetting and DTP software with tools such as Publisher and Adobe Page Maker. We also use Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, and QuarkXPress among other tools.

We provide three stages of DTP services:

  • Text formatting
  • Layout designing
  • Plurilingual desktop publishing