Conference Translation

Conference Translation and Interpretation is one of our most-sought after services. We provide a wide range of simultaneous and consecutive interpretation and translation solutions to suit any event or conference across the UAE. As mentioned, we offer two types of interpretation services, namely consecutive and simulation interpretation services. Consecutive interpretation is recommended for small-level gatherings while simultaneous interpretation is ideal for large-scale conferences featuring a multi-lingual audience. Our conference translation service also deals with the preparation of conference related documents such as presentations, reading materials and brochures. Our team is composed of experienced interpreters and translators and work in more 100+ languages. To know more about our service, get in touch with our today.


Why Choose Us for Conference Translation?

As mentioned, the Ocean Translation team is composed of qualified and experienced professionals with expertise in industries including education, law, commerce, healthcare, and politics. What this means is that, we are able to provide our clients with hassle-free translation experience that is equally affordable and reliable. By opting to use our service, customers can cater to the needs of a diverse range of clients, nurture fruitful long-term relationships and built trust among their audience, minimize risk of miscommunication.


Our Conference Transcription Service Inclusions

We can transcribe and translate, the complete range of materials required for conferences and events, including:

We can prepare delegate invitations in multiple languages in a tone and style that fits with the overall nature of the event.

For international conferences and events, emails including the invite and a summary of the event is a necessity.

For a multi-lingual conference it is necessary that the main conference website is translated to one or more languages.

Timely preparation of blogs and notices related to the event to be update on web forums and e-noticeboards.

Simultaneous or Consecutive Interpretation?

For those who are not familiar, these two forms of interpreting may seem similar. However, in reality, they are completely different and should be chosen based on the specific nature of your meeting or event.

Simultaneous Interpretation

As the name suggests, this is interpretation or translation that is done almost in real time. It involves the interpreters, translating what the speak is saying with minimal delay. It is usually preferred for large conferences and events, where there might be delegates and audiences are comfortable in different languages.

Consecutive Interpretation

Unlike the former, with consecutive interpretation the original speaker is required to pause in between this speech so that the interpreter may translate and repeat what he/she has said. It is ideal for small gatherings or events, where the amount of interpretation required is small. It is to this date, considered as the standard form of interpretation although it can prove to be disruptive and time consuming.