Document Translation

The world revolves around documents. Documents help us to communicate crucial information and maintain records of that communication. This information may not always be relayed to a recipient who understands the language the document is written in. hence; document translation services are a must in the modern world. Irrespective of what the document deals with, or what fields it pertains to, you would need document translations to communicate effectively and efficiently. At Ocean Translation Services, we provide accurate and proficient translations of all kinds of documents through our team of linguistic experts who also have expertise in the field that the document belongs to. Our document translation services include:

In the modern business environment of Dubai, legal translation is considered to be an indispensable activity. When you are dealing with legal documents, every single word matters. For this very reason, legal translations are among the toughest types of translation. They call for the highest professional standards to be met while translating the documents. At Ocean Translation Services, we know how sensitive legal documents could be. To deal with this, we have assembled a team of translators and legal consultants. We analyze the legal text so as to understand its implications. It is only after that, that we begin the process of translating the text while retaining the original meaning of every word that constitutes it.

You would struggle to find an industry that doesn’t use technical materials for the purpose of instructing, educating, selling, and communicating. These technical materials may include support documents, user guides, manufacturing, compliance and standards information, and they often need to be translated into the local language. An inefficient translation job could have hazardous consequences and may even expose the company to major liabilities. Besides, it could even spoil the brand image and reputation of the company.

For these reasons, accurate technical translations are absolutely critical in the global marketplace. It is imperative that customers understand the information presented to them quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Ocean Translation Services, hence, has garnered the tools, skills, and personnel for providing highly accurate and completely professional technical translations in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

In the realm of medical translations, one wrongly translated word could prove to be the difference between life and death. It is a highly specialized type of translation. Our strategy for medical translations is driven by the understanding only professional translators who have a background in science and medicine should be given the responsibility of carrying them out. Our network of qualified and reliable translators has enabled us to offer medical translations in over 150 languages.

Globalization has opened the floodgates for businesses across the world. You can now take your business anywhere and run it successfully. A multinational footprint is now a parameter for judging an organization’s success. What globalization has also done is that it has increased the demand for professional business translations. It is, in fact, a ‘must have’ in the modern economic environment. To satisfy this requirement of modern businesses, we provide professional translation services that support and accentuate the effectiveness of your business activities.

To deliver our business translation services at the highest possible standards, we adopt a multi-disciplined approach. This approach includes translation experts with an additional expertise in marketing, finance, human resources, and other such fields. More often than not, we employ several experts to work on your project simultaneously in order to protect you from any potential liability. This is important because when legal communications mix with business communications, there is always a scope for something to get lost in translation, and this may even have legal implications.


When translations pertain to the fields of banking, economy, and finance, the translation service provider is faced with challenges such as tight deadlines, stringent quality standards, and lack of clarity about the subject matter. Also, there are very few translators who have the requisite experience and qualifications in these fields.

We are one of the few translators who offer accurate financial translations. Our services include translating banking statements, quantitative analysis reports, and company summaries. We also translate equity research reports and material pertaining to investor relations. All these translations are performed by professional translators who have years of experience in finance, banking, and economics.

Translating media and press content is a tricky proposition. This job requires a translator who has the talent, skill, and experience to simulate the writing style of the original content.

There are two primary types of translating jobs under this category - news articles, and editorials or analytical articles. The latter requires special skills and extreme proficiency in the target language as the writer of the original article would have used metaphors and similes for expressing his/her opinion on that specific topic. Hence, it is evident that the primary objective of any form of media text is to convey various human thoughts. Translations of such texts would require symbolism, metaphors, and even puns to express the human emotion and not to merely translate the information presented in the text.

For the purpose of relaying the emotions of the original article as clearly and accurately as possible, we employ translators with expertise and experience in media and press translations. We aim to convey the values and sentiments of the text without compromising on its integrity.


Translation is nothing but the act of transforming one culture into another. Hence, it must not be practiced by bilinguals, but by bi-cultural people who could translate texts accurately. This statement holds even truer for translation jobs that involve cultural and ideological matters.

At Ocean Translation Services, we adopt an extremely disciplined approach for translating cultural and ideological texts. Such tasks are only assigned to translators who have profound knowledge of the cultural differences. This ensures that the translation of the source text is accurate and completely impartial. We also have religion experts in our team if you require unbiased and exact translations of sensitive religious texts.

Science is all about accurate derivation, understanding, analysis, and explanation of facts. It is thus imperative that translations of scientific material are based on those very aspects. When you entrust us with the responsibility of translating a scientific document, you can rest assured that the translation would be fluid, eloquent, error-free, and true to its style of presentation.

Our team pays special attention towards the scientific and technological accuracy of all our translations pertaining to the fields of science and technology. We understand that is extremely hard to translate such texts with precision and consistency, which is why we have hired a team of experts in these fields.

Every day, you’d find a new term incorporated into the political jargon. Hence, translators who deal with political and diplomatic texts should have in-depth knowledge of political terminology. Such translators must also have the skills that a press translator would possess.

At Ocean Translation Services, we understand the importance of languages in both multicultural diplomacy as well as international affairs. Hence, we rely only on professionals who have deep and specialized knowledge of important institutions such as the UN, NATO, IMF, World Bank, and the G7, among others.

We live in a world where information travels in large quantities 24x7 from any place in the world to any other. In such a closely connected globe, translation plays a key role in communication. When information is communicated from a particular source culture into another, there is much more at play than mere language transformation. It is an extremely complex process that necessitates the translator to have peak alertness to proficiency and accuracy in an extremely time-sensitive process.

Our team of translators comprises of experts from a wide range of sectors and industries. We are well-equipped to meet any translation requirement that you have in any language that you want. Our professionals are native speakers of the target languages and you can rely on them to provide culture-sensitive translations of the texts and documents you wish to translate.